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Thursday, June 1st                  Wildfire, Lincolnshire, IL                              7:00 p.m. Performance


Saturday, June 3rd                  Impact Field, Rosemont, IL                         6:00 p.m. National Anthem


Sunday, June 4th                     G. R. Field, (White Sox), Chicago, IL           3:30 p.m. "God Bless America"


Thursday, June 8th                 Sanctuary Golf Club, New Lenox, IL         1:30 p.m. Performance

Thursday, June 8th                 White Eagle, Niles, IL                                    7:00 p.m. Big Band


Friday, June 9th                       Donny G's, Elmwood Park, IL                     8:00 p.m. Performance

Saturday, June 10th                Private Party, Lincolnshire, IL                   6:00 p.m. Performance

Sunday, June 11th                   St. Anthony's Festival, Chicago, IL         10:15 a.m. Performance

Wednesday, June 14th           TBD, Chicago, IL                                             2:00 p.m. Performance 

Thursday, June 15th               Harbor Chase, Naperville, IL                      2:00 p.m. Performance

Friday, June 16th                     Victory Center, Vernon Hills, IL                 3:00 p.m. Performance

Friday, June 16th                     Jameson's, Arlington Heights, IL               7:30 p.m. Performance

Saturday, June 17th               TBD, Palos Heights, IL                                   1:00 p.m. Performance

Saturday, June 17th               Pinstripes, Northbrook, IL                           7:00 p.m Wedding


Sunday, June 18th                  Bright Oaks, Aurora, IL                                  1:00 p.m. Performance


Sunday, June 18th                  Impact Field, Rosemont, IL                          3:00 p.m. National Anthem


Tuesday, June 20th                Lisle Park District., Lisle, IL                          6:30 p.m. Performance


Wednesday, June 21st          The Radcliff, Wood Dale, IL                           3:00 p.m. Performance


Thursday, June 22nd             White Eagle, Niles, IL                                     7:00 p.m. Big Band   


Friday, June 23rd                    One Twenty Live, Bartlett, IL                      7:00 p.m. Performance 


Wednesday, June 28th          Clarendale, Addison, IL                                3:30 p.m. Performance                                 








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